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Q: Will insurance pay for this?  (#1 question)

A: Insurance companies and their coverage varies.  Many of our clients have had success getting Medicaid, Waiver, Grants and private insurance funds.  Contact your dealer, insurance provider, and see our insurance section for more information.

Q: How do I get one of these?

A: We sell exclusively through hundreds of medical equipment dealers (DME’s) that are located in every state and online.  We recommend you work with the dealer and your medical team (therapists, Dr’s, etc) to select the best possible model and options to “build” the best clinically appropriate bed for your family’s needs.  If you need help locating a dealer in your area, please contact us and we will try to connect you.

Q: Why is Beds By George better than your competition?

A: There are a few good companies that offer safety beds.  However, we do have the broadest range of product types and options which helps you get the best product and features your loved one needs to keep them safe.  In addition to providing the best safety options, and the best quality, we also focus on making products that address the ease of use for the caregiver.  And we have a fantastic track record since our founding in 2007.

Q: Are these beds made in the USA?

A: Yes, they are handcrafted in Indiana

Q: Are these beds only for children?

A: No, while most of our beds are used for pediatric we sell to a large and growing number of adult users up to and including geriatric.   We are also seeing a great deal of interest for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Q: Are these beds UL and CSA approved?

A: Yes

Q:  Are the frames, headboard, or doors of these beds made from wood or particle board with thin veneer and plastic edging?

A:  The Dream Series is solid wood – planks –  like furniture was made 100 years ago.  The Slumber Series is furniture grade plywood whose outer layers are solid oak.  We do not use plastic edging that can come off or break.  We do not use particle board.   We do not use compressed sawdust, osb, mdf, poly veneer, poly laminate, pre-treated,  pre-finished, polystyrene, or die impregnated wood substitutes.  We cut boards by hand.  We sand by hand.  We stain by hand.

Q: Do these come completely assembled?

A: No, you will have some minor assembly upon arrival, but it can be done with the simplest of hand tools and very little technical knowledge needed. However these components can be a little heavy and the process will take anywhere from 90 minutes to a few hours.

Q: How much is shipping going to be?

A: Shipping costs are included to much of  the Continental 48 United States and Canada but to be sure you should contact us with your specific address and bed request. Certain shipping situations may result in additional fees.

Q: Will this bed fit my child?

A: We build Twin, Extended Twin in all models and series.  Double is available in the Dream Series non electric models.  Twin beds fit a large percentage of the population, but obviously we don’t know the size of your child. You can see the dimensions in the specifications section.

Q: Do you have these in stock?

A: We built each bed to order and typical lead time is around 4 weeks.

Q: Is this product all that much better than a safety side I buy at a retailer?

A: Safety sides have their place. However a complete safety bed will generally provide greater safety and more durable years of service because the whole bed is designed as a safety system.  Further, most retail sides are not designed to hold the weight of a child over 3.

Q: Is Beds by George affected by the crib side rule change?

A: The traditional drop side cribs have been banned by the CPSC as of 2011.  None of our beds have that drop side feature so our beds are OK to use. All of our beds far exceed the strength requirements of a child’s crib.

Q: Do you have a showroom somewhere so I can see one?

A: YES, located in Elkhart Indiana.  Some dealers will have one if they have a showroom.   We also attend certain disability shows, conventions, etc and usually will have product on hand at those.  You can also work with your dealer to set up a personal virtual showroom visit with Beds by George.

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