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Slumber Series

The Slumber Series is a more basic line with fewer options to satisfy that client that doesn’t want or need the myriad of options available on the Dream Series.  These units are still handbuilt by Amish Craftsmen using a combination of solid wood and high quality engineered wood.  These models are available in the standard single door or hi side dual door.  

Standard Side Models

Our standard side (single) door system comes 20” above the mattress and has doors on both sides.

Hi Side Models

Our high side (bifold) door system comes 32” above the mattress with door on one side standard

Twin 36″ x 76″

Standard side door system, fixed (non-adjustable) bunkie board

Standard side door system, fixed height, manual adjustable head

Standard side door system, fixed height, fixed height, manual adjustable head and foot

Standard Side door system, Semi electric (80” long)

Standard side door system, Hi Lo, Full Articulation (electric)

Twin 36″ x 76″

High side (bi-fold) door system, fixed (non-adjustable) bunkie board

High side (bi-fold) door system, fixed height, manual adjustable head

High side (bi-fold) door system, fixed height, fixed height, manual adjustable head and foot

High side (bi-fold) door system, Semi electric (80” long)

High side (bi-fold) door system, Hi Lo, Full Articulation (electric)


Medically appropriate safety beds are not “one size fits all.”  BBG beds can have accessories added to increase the functionality of your bed.  Some accessories may add to the cost of the bed.  Please consult your dealer when making all accessory decisions.

All BBG adaptive beds come standard with a full frame, Bunkie board, and special medical mattress

Mattress Options

All mattresses have stretch nylon mattress cover to reduce perspiration and provides a low shear / friction surface that is anti-microbial / anti-bacterial and fluid resistant.

Standard (Default) Mattress

Multi-tiered foam mattress sections offers excellent pressure redistribution for mid to high risk patients


Gel Infused Foam

Increased pressure redistribution over standard mattress plus rapid heat dissipation


Gel Infused mattress may require additional clinical justification and cost

Stain Colors

We proudly use only Amish Certified Stains which are EPA friendly and meet all requirements for KCMA and AFMA. For proper care and maintenance of your Fine Furniture Finish, click HERE.

Natural Oak

Fruitwood on Oak

Michael’s Cherry on Oak

Asbury on Oak

Rosewood on Oak

Paint Colors

We offer a few painted surface options.  Our paint is a catalyzed conversion two part process.  It can be touched up with “normal” residential interior paint, though the retouch will not be as durable as the original factory paint.

* The picture and descriptions  are guidelines only and meant for general reference only

White Paint

Black Paint

Pewter Paint

pewter paint


Doors are built using a single piece of furniture grade oak plywood and oak planks.

Clear View Panel

Hi density acrylic 1/4 inch thick.  This system allows for greatest visibility.



Also available in Sensory Reducing Tint which reduces light by 65%.


Our beds are heavy for greater strength and stability.  You can add wheels to most beds to make it easier to reposition or just move when its time to change the sheets or clean

IV Poles

Many patients find an attached IV pole to be helpful.  We build and finish the mounting brackets to match the bed you’ve selected.  You can attach the pole to any corner post.


Padded Interior

Sometimes patients need a little softer interior.  We offer a fabric covered foam pad that surrounds the mattress.  It is removable and washable. See fabric colors below

Our beds with pads are slightly oversized so once you have a padded interior you must always have a pad in place to prevent unsafe gaps from occurring.  It is not  difficult to add a pad later with our pad spacer kit.  Some decks, accessories, and older beds may require additional modifications.

Access Ports

A useful addition to head or footboards whenever tubes are needed to reduce tangling and wear on the hoses.  We can also do multiple ports and custom placement.

Windows Head and Foot

Increase visibility for both patient and caregiver by adding windows to head and/or footboard.  Airflow panels can also be used.

Mesh Enclosure Canopy

Some patients need extra enclosure safety which is why we’ve developed a mesh and fabric topper that can be added to many of our bed models.  Stretched over an extremely tough tubular aluminum frame, the canopy has mesh on all sides and over the top with fabric reinforcements.  The unit bolts onto the top of the posts, adding roughly 15 inches of additional safety height.  The safety enclosure does not open, but is removable for washing if extreme cleaning is required.  The mesh is white, and you can choose from many standard colors for the fabric. More information click HERE.

Natural Oak

Fruitwood on Oak

Michael’s Cherry on Oak

Natural Oak

Fruitwood on Oak

Michael’s Cherry on Oak

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