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Live Virtual Studio

Families, Therapists, or Dealers:

If you can’t see a bed in person, the next best thing is to see the beds via live video.  

  • Education / Training / Inservices
  • Bed Evaluations
  • Tech Training
  • Questions about features
  • Choosing between two models
  • Compare features

Take advantage of our 1800 sq foot studio to see actual beds with a live specialist to show you functionality, answer questions, do comparisons, and generally help educate you or your team on the many features, options, and applications of the BBG line of Safety Beds.

CLICK HERE to schedule your virtual presentation


  • Team of Therapists wanting training before we could be there in person 
  • Mom wanted to see how the Haven door works
  • Bed evaluation trying to decide between Dream Hi Side with Canopy vs. Haven
  • Dealer getting training on new product launch within days of release
  • Mom wanted to see how to tighten the fabric on a Haven bed
  • Bed evaluation trying to decide between Standard Mesh and Heavy Duty
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