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Haven Bed Series

Watch our intro video on the Haven Bed Series


Featuring the technology and proven fabric and frame system used for years on our mesh safety enclosure for our rigid side beds.  We are proud to introduce a full mesh bed with approximately 50 inches interior height and low transfer height in both fixed and manual control articulating deck.

Ask your medical support team if HAVEN is right for you.

Twin 36″x76″ or 36″x80″


Fixed height non adjustable bunkie board


Fixed height adjustable head


Fixed height adjustable head and foot

Full 54″x74″


Fixed height non adjustable bunkie board


Fixed height adjustable head

  • Fabric covering is removable and washable.
  • Transfer height as low as 14 inches for non adjustable deck.
  • Available decks: fixed, manual adjust
  • The unit is mesh with nylon reinforcement stretched over a heavy duty tubular aluminum frame.
  • Metal frame is bolted to comer posts.
  • Approximately 50 inches interior height
  • Mesh is white, fabric border comes in several colors
  • Padded sleeves cover metal frame
  • Fabric can be tightened AND done so without disas-sembling the bed.
  •  Fabric has moisture resistant coating for easy cleaning
  •  Mattress sizes 36×76 and 36×80
  • Medicaid and FDA approved

Zipper Security

To keep little fingers from opening the zipper from the inside we have a security pocket sewn in to prevent access to the zipper slide.

Zipper pocket from outside
Zipper pocket from inside

This is a complete unit, the enclosure cannot be added to another bed. Suggested HCPCS: E1399
* we reserve the right to change specs without notice


Medically appropriate safety beds are not “one size fits all.”  BBG beds can have accessories added to increase the functionality of your bed.  

All BBG adaptive beds come standard with a full frame, Bunkie board, and special medical mattress

NEW Hemisphere Haven

Now you can select a more architectural style option for the nation’s most popular mesh safety bed.  The curved wood reinforcement bar (the shroud)  along the top of the front and back of the bed creates an alternative look to the traditional straight shroud.  This part can be retrofit to older models.

Mattress Options

All mattresses have stretch nylon mattress cover to reduce perspiration and provides a low shear / friction surface that is anti-microbial / anti-bacterial and fluid resistant.

Standard (Default) Mattress

Multi-tiered foam mattress sections offers excellent pressure redistribution for mid to high risk patients

Gel Infused Foam

Increased pressure redistribution over standard mattress plus rapid heat dissipation


Gel Infused mattress may require additional clinical justification and cost

Mattress Hold Down Option

All the mattresses in our beds are designed to fit snugly within the rigid frame.  But for certain patients, an additional mattress hold down modification is available to help minimize burrowing behavior.


Mattress hold down may require additional clinical justification and cost

IV Pole Option

Many patients find an attached IV pole to be helpful.  We build and finish the mounting brackets to match the bed you’ve selected.  You can attach the pole to any corner post.

Access Ports Option

When any kind of tubing is needed (feeding, oxygen, etc) you will want to add access port(s) to the head and/or foot. 

Clear View Vinyl Top Option

The Haven bed has become one of the most popular safety beds for home use because it is still a Beds by George high quality sleep solution for the special needs and disabled community, but now with a clear top for better visibility.

Daytime Typical Nanny Cam

Camera NOT included, for illustration purposes only

Nighttime Typical Nanny Cam

 Exterior Padding Option

For increased safety for bed entrance and egress  you can also pad the exterior of the wooden frame.    This particular feature can be added at a later time.  This option includes the same padding that we use on the rigid side beds (Dream and Slumber) with your choice of fabric colors.

The system includes 360 degree padding around the exterior of the lower wooden frame as well as covering the 4 vertical shroud components.

As with all of our pads, these are easy to clean with simple spot cleaning, and are also removable and washable in a standard residential washer on a cool cycle for more thorough periodic cleaning.

Sensory Curtains Option

Reduce Sensory Input

NEW! Add a Sensory Curtain that covers mesh on all
4 sides. Curtain does not impede door operation.
*Curtain is sewn at the top. Cannot be retrofit to
existing canopies.
sensory curtain rolled

Curtain can be rolled and
secured when not in use

Curtain velcros at the bottom of
the door

 Additional Doors Option

You have the option of adding additional doors to any side, any combination.  The standard side door is always included, but you can add clinical access to the “back” of the bed, the “head” of the bed, and the “foot” of the bed.  All 4 sides, only 2 sides, only 3 sides… the choice is up to you for the best possible clinical accessibility for every room configuration, medical condition, or versatility.

Stain Colors

We proudly use only Amish Certified Stains which are EPA friendly and meet all requirements for KCMA and AFMA. For proper care and maintenance of your Fine Furniture Finish, click HERE.

Natural Oak

Fruitwood on Oak

Michael’s Cherry on Oak

Asbury on Oak

Rosewood on Oak

Paint Colors

We offer a few painted surface options.  Our paint is a catalyzed conversion two part process.  It can be touched up with “normal” residential interior paint, though the retouch will not be as durable as the original factory paint.

* The picture and descriptions  are guidelines only and meant for general reference only

White Paint

Black Paint

Pewter Paint

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